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The box bellow shows a standard size box with the doors moved to one end.  This is so the appliance can fit behind the wider panel, leaving the maximum space in the remainder of the box.  We can make the wider panel at either end of the box.  This customer didn’t want a flat floor so we added extra stiffeners under the floor at no extra cost.
In the left hand picture bellow you can see that we have designed this style of box with a flat floor.  The reason for this is that your appliance will sit flat on the floor.  All the weight is distributed evenly.  We have designed a removable door plate so that you can slide your appliance into the box rather than having to lift it in.  Once its in position simply replace the door plate and the door will lock easily.  The door plate only needs removing once to fit the appliance after that it stays in its position.
Storage Box Base

All our storage units need a sound, flat level surface to be sited on ie: concrete, tarmac, block paving or flagstones.  We suggest the base material should be a minimum thickness of  2” (50 mm).  None of the sites we supply to will allow you to site a box directly onto grass only.  If this is the case please get permission from your site manager.
For these size boxes the minimum footprint needed is:

Depends on what size box you go for!

Green £445.00  Cream £445.00  Brown £445.00 Wood Grain £545.00

The above prices include building and fitting but not delivery!

      We also supply PIR Alarms for all boxes
           Please click on the picture for info!