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6 Ft tall Wood Grain £735.00 + £45 for the shelf if required.

6 Ft tall  Green £595.00 + £45 for the shelf if required.

6 Ft tall  Cream £595.00 + £45 for the shelf if required.

 6 Ft tall  Brown  £595.00 + £45 for the shelf if required.

The above prices include building and fitting but not delivery!

This 6 ft tall box is the biggest box we make.

To get the height of this box we have to use two kits of standard box material.

We will secure the box in position , this is done by our fitter drilling and screwing fixings through the floor and into the base material this is included in the price.

Sometimes we cannot get a good fixing into the base due to the bad condition of the ground. In this case we need to fix to the veranda this is done through the back of the box.

6 ft  (1829 mm) wide x 2 ft 10” (864 mm) deep

x 6 ft (1829 mm) high

6 ft tall box optional shelf

We can add the shelf at any height but we suggest you keep it at 4 ft 2” up from the floor as this will still allow you to get your bikes in.  The shelf is 6 ft wide and 16” deep.  This allows  6 ft in height at the front of the box from the floor to the roof and half the depth of the box.  From our experience most people have one item that is 6 ft in height and that leaves allot of wasted space without the addition of the shelf.

Add £45 to the price of the box if the shelf is required.

We also supply PIR Alarms for all boxes             Please click on the picture for info! Alarms